In designing an exhibition space, a floor mat can make a big difference to the whole impression. A mat with your own, unique print makes you space stick out. Floor mats are not for exhibition spaces only. Use them for the company entry or to spice up the office floor.

Choose your required size

Our floor mats come in many sizes, allowing you to order exactly to the measurements you need. Remember to also include measurements for the step heights if you intend to use the floor mat on a staircase.

Print file

The message should be large and clear, partly because a rug is placed on the floor with visitors walking and standing on it, and partly because it must be easy to see the message from a distance. The company logotype as a water mark is sufficient, and also highly effective.

Keep in mind that the surface of a floor mat is not completely smooth, as is the case with e.g. banners and roller banners. Instead, the surface is of felt fabric with visible fibres where small details in the print design may disappear. Therefore, avoid incorporating something with very thin lines or small fonts.

Or why not order a plain coloured floor mat? A long red carpet is perhaps the most classic example, but you can order any colour you want. We use digital printing, meaning the number of colours does not affect the price.

Ground material

For best effect, the floor mat should lay on a floor or other flat and hard ground material. We do not recommend using our floor mats on lawns, gravel paths or similar ground material.


When storing the mat in between use, we recommend you roll it up and store it laying down. If stored standing up, there is a risk the mat will get crimped along the edges.