Frequently asked questions and answers


We work hard to provide the best possible service and support. There are a number of ways to contact us: Via our web form, via e-mail at, via our online chat or through customer service by telephone +46 (0)31-721 19 40. Our opening hours are 07:00 - 16: 00 (Fridays 07:00 - 15:00).
No, it's completely optional. The advantage is that you retain your order history. However, it’s also fine to place your chosen goods in the shopping cart and go straight to the checkout page.
If the invoice has not yet been sent, there is no problem. If, on the other hand, you have already received it, you can contact customer service and refer to the invoice number for more information.
Yes, we check all files. If the file has the wrong dimensions or if we think the quality is too low, we will get in touch with you before proceeding.

Payment and ordering

Print files can be uploaded on the respective product page or on the checkout page. If you do not upload a file at the time of ordering, there will also be a link for this in your automatic order confirmation. You can also send files via e-mail or any other transfer services as long as we do not need to log in to access the files. Just don't forget to enter your order number so we know which order the files are associated with
We appreciate it if you can place your order through the website because we have several other systems linked to it. Feel free to call us and we will guide you through the various steps of ordering through the website. We can also place the order for you. In that case, please email your contact details, address details, desired products, etc. to
In many cases we can ship the products faster than stated on the website. However, there are many factors that play a part, such as inventory levels and current workload. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities for faster delivery.

Shipping costs and delivery

The production time is stated on the respective product page. Shipping time, which can vary depending on the delivery address, is added to this. We guarantee that the goods will be shipped within the stipulated time (according to the order confirmation), but we can never guarantee when a product will arrive because the responsibility for that lies with the shipping company.
Yes, but this is not supported on the website. Contact us after after you have placed your order and we will adjust the details manually. Note that an additional charge is added for each address. The cost varies depending on where it is to be sent and how many addresses it applies to.
We have shipping numbers for almost all packages. Please send us an e-mail with your order number and we will look it up for you.