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Choose your required size

Our banners come in many sizes, allowing you to order exactly to the measurements you need. Keep in mind that the eyelets are placed a few centimetres in on the banner if you use mounting points. The spaces between the eyelets are exactly the same.


Banners need to be mounted on something, as no stand is included. The easiest is if you hang it directly on a wall or fence using hooks for eyelets. Banner Bungees can be purchased separately for better mounting of the banner. If you don’t have any stand or wall space for the banner, a great option is to buy a 'H-Fix Banner Frame'. The banner frame allows you to display the banner almost anywhere, as long as you can install ground screws into the ground.

Promotional message

The most common use for banners is as outdoor ads along roads. Keep in mind not to include too much information on the banner, in order for motorists to notice the message in a few seconds only. Avoid small and long texts.

An advantage of promotional material that is not intended to be seen up close, is that the image quality is not as critical. You can get away with extremely low-resolution images, as no one is meant to view them from a close distance anyway.

If you add eyelets to your banner, remember not to place important information and text close to the banner edges. Allow for a six-centimetre margin around the banner.