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Roll Up Classic has a timeless design and lifetime warranty for the image cassette..

This roll up banner is designed for image swapping. If you wish to purchase a new image panel, you can order it below under ‘Related products’. A new roll is then sent out which you can then easily switch with the existing banner. Roll Up Classic is a long-term investment for those who are looking for a very high-quality roller banner.

This roller banner is also available with a black cassette, but note that the top panel will still be silver.

Print on LaTour A material of high quality, perfect for roller banners. The structure allows for fine printing and has a lasting surface. The material is neither matte nor glossy, but something in between.
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Note that the specified production time is calculated from the checked and approved order.

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PDF format is recommended primarily because it is platform-independent.

We recommend that the file has a resolution of 150 DPI to get the highest quality possible.

Read more on the graphic information page.

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