An advertising tent protects against both rain and sunshine, while clearly conveying your presence. A printed advertising tent is very visible and is something that attracts curious eyes. Perfect for outdoor events and similar events!

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It’s handy to have two people to assemble the tent. One person can set it up, but it just takes longer to do so. Start by unfolding the frame and then spread out the roof of the tent over the frame. Then raise the legs to the desired height. Finally, attach one or several tent walls if you wish.


A tent becomes a large advertising space, visible from a distance. Perhaps better than many other trade fair and exhibition products. Ensure to make use of this excellent advertising space.

A great option is to have your corporate colour covering the entire tent and your logotype printed on it in white. Despite its simplicity, this can be very effective.

Frame and storage

The expo tent is made of aluminium, a light and strong material. It takes up a small space when folded, which is very useful during transport and storage.

The tent fabric must be completely dry when packed and stored away. Damp and folded tent fabric can get discoloured and even mouldy with an unpleasant odour if organic dirt is left on it when stored.