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Production time


This is our biggest type of Popup wall and is perfect for those with a slightly larger exhibition stand or who simply wish to be as visible as possible. This stand consists of 4x3 sections and a total of 6 image panels are used.

The wall is available in both straight and curved varieties. We then recommend that you also opt for an exhibition counter or a transport case which facilitates transportation of the wall to and from the fair. The product includes the scaffolding frame and panels with the desired print design. Other products are accessories that you can purchase additionally.

The stand can take up various space dimensions, depending on the design you choose. The straight is 3482 x 315 mm and the curved is 3065 x 970 mm.

Production time

Note that the specified production time is calculated from the checked and approved order.

Print files Image dimensions for exhibition walls
Curved: 4038 x 2224 mm.
Straight: 4398 x 2224 mm.

Templates are available in the section below and we recommend they be used in order to see how much margin is available at the edges. Save the finished file without cut lines and bleed.

Image dimensions for exhibition counters
Small exhibition counter (Standard Case): 1585 x 840 mm.
Large exhibition counter (Case & Counter): 1820 x 920 mm.

You can upload the material here on the product page or in the shopping cart.

PDF format is recommended primarily because it is platform-independent.

We recommend that the file has a resolution of 150 DPI to get the highest quality possible.

Read more on the graphic information page.

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