Sandwich board signs are an affordable investment due to the low price and long durability.

Our most common sandwich boards come with front plastic protection on both sides to protect the message in wet weather conditions. Spare front plastic protections can be purchased separately if one has been damaged due to bad weather.

Posters can be purchased to all our sandwich boards. The posters are printed on the same type of material as our roller banners. The material is thus highly durable and not as sensitive to moisture and water compared to paper. A top logo can be added to the Citysign, Topsign and Deluxsign sandwich boards. Posters and top logos are found under related products on the product page of each sandwich board.

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Choosing a sandwich board

If you need a sandwich board that can withstand heavy wind gusts, then we strongly recommend our sandwich board Wind Sign. The board has a more stable system and a spring function, which makes it rock back and forth in the wind.

VIf you need a sandwich board that is easy to move in and out every day, then you should check out A-Sign or Easy Sign. They are both affordable sandwich boards with low weight, making them easy to move around. The Easy Sign also has a handle at the top for convenience when moving it from one place to another. The A-Sign is made of aluminium, meaning it is lighter and does not risk rusting, but does not come with a handle.

Top Sign is our cheapest sandwich board and comes with a top logo. The Delux Sign and the CitySign are great options if you are after sandwich boards with snap frames. The last two sandwich boards are more robust and can withstand tougher weather conditions better.

Water resistant posters for sandwich boards

We sell posters to all our sandwich boards. We print the posters using the same type of material as our roller banners, meaning the material is water-resistant, and thus, not adversely impacted by moist or rain.
The posters are sold individually. You need to order two posters if you require one each for the front and the back of the sandwich board
Posters, snap frames and more accessories are available here.

Sandwich boards with snap frames or magnet strips?

Generally speaking, there are two different model of sandwich boards for posters with promotional messages. The first model has a front plastic sheet with magnets. Each sandwich board comes with a transparent plastic sheet placed in front of the poster. In this model, the plastic sheet has a magnetic strip along the edges, making it quick and easy to attach the poster. As the sandwich board is made of steel, the magnetic strip holds the poster firmly in place with ease. An advantage with the magnet model is that it allows for a simpler board structure and thus a lower price. It also makes the board somewhat more aesthetic, as there is no need for a snap frame that takes up some of the surface space.

The other model has a snap frame. It is exactly what it sounds like. A four-piece frame that snaps open using your hands (some may require a little extra force). The advantage is that it is easier to place the promotional message completely straight on the board, which otherwise can be a little fiddly with magnet-fitted plastic sheets.

Sandwich boards with top logo/top sign

A top logo is a smart way of always displaying your logotype on top of the promotional message on the sandwich board. Your business is clearly displayed and does not need to be included in the printed promotional message.

We have three sandwich board models with a top logo, namely TopSign, City Sign and Delux Sign. City Sign is quite different from the other two models in that it has a round base making it easier to detect by visually impaired people. Many councils only approve this type of sandwich boards in urban environments, in order to support the visually impaired. We recommend you check the local regulations in your specific municipality.

The sandwich boards Delux Sign and TopSign are quite similar in design. The main difference is that Delux Sign comes with a snap frame while TopSign has a plastic front sheet with magnetic strips. TopSign has a simpler structure as it has no snap frame, which also makes it cheaper than the Delux Sign, and thus is a more common choice. City Sign is a more popular choice, however. Even if your local municipality currently doesn’t have any particular regulations in place regarding sandwich boards, this may change in a near future. It may be a good idea to already now have a “future proof” board and avoid having to buy a new one later.