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Counters and podiums

Table, exhibition counter, podium, information desk or pulpit. Many words describing the same thing and probably at least as many areas of use. Brand exposure and marketing are perhaps some of the most obvious advantages of a counter, but the counter can be used for many other purposes as well. A counter can preferably be utilised as an information desk or a reception. Place an inviting fruit basket or lolly jar on the counter to entice customers to make contact or come up for a conversation. A counter is ideal if you need some space to sign a contract or some other important documents. Staff working at exhibition spaces sometimes feel more relaxed if they can lean on or stand behind something. Being able to hide water bottles and other private belongings is also useful and appreciated. Give some thoughts to what your requirements are, before you choose the counter that suits your particular needs the best.


There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a print file for a counter. The whole area is not visible from all angles, which is why important information should not be placed near the edges. A common layout is to place the company logo centred in the middle. A counter is quite often the central point in an exhibition space, hence a design representing stability is a good idea.

Image swapping

All counters are well suited for image swapping at a later stage. It’s both economical and good for the environment. You can also buy several promotional messages when you buy the counter and thus be able to swap between different messages. As an example, you may want to promote different products and expose a new product each day at the trade fair. Another example is if several organisations share one counter but have their own individual promotional message.

Top plate

Different counters come with different top plates. For the more expensive counters you can make a personal choice of the top plate material. The top plate can change the impression of the entire exhibition space. Brushed metal and oak wood can give two completely different impressions. Take a wholistic view when you design your exhibition space. If you, for example, have picked a black roller banner, then a matching black top plate can give a stylish impression.


Some of the more exclusive counters can fold up into a transport case. This is ideal when you have other trade products to transport or store. These more exclusive counters come with wheels and handles for easy mobility, much like a suit case on wheels.