Roll Up S10

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Roll Up S10 is a high-quality roll up banner that has even won prizes for its stylish design. The image panel has no visible cassette at the bottom, which means that more emphasis is placed on the promotional message.

The roll up banner is adjustable in height between 155-220 cm, achieved by way of a telescopic stick. The enclosed bag protects the banner and facilitates transport.

Roller Banner S10 is perfect for those looking for a convenient, stylish and durable roller banner.

Print on LaTour A material of high quality, perfect for roller banners. The structure allows for fine printing and has a lasting surface. The material is neither matte nor glossy, but something in between.

Production time

Note that the specified production time is calculated from the checked and approved order.

Print files
We need a print-ready file that is 85 x (160-225) cm

You can upload the material here on the product page or in the shopping cart.

PDF format is recommended primarily because it is platform-independent.

We recommend that the file has a resolution of 150 DPI to get the highest quality possible.

Read more on the graphic information page.

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