Beach flags have a large advertising area and is one of the most affordable options to reach out with a promotional message.

The beach flags are manufactured in our own factory in Karlshamn. The beach flag templates are developed and designed inhouse to ensure the best fit. The large flag area and the fabric that moves smoothly in the wind easily attracts people’s attention. The flags are easy to transport and quick to assemble at site.

Please note that we have a new supplier of masts and ground brackets. The new products are not compatible with our old range and the same goes for flags/templates. New image prints and accessories to our old range can still be purchased here.

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Beach flags

All beach flags shown above come with mast and flag, including print.

Beach flag brackets are not included but sold separately. You will find all ground brackets that fit a particular beach flag by clicking on that beach flag and scrolling down. The ground plate is the most common accessory as it is stable, neat and suitable in most situations. However, we do recommend you buy the base that is best suited for your specific purpose.

We recommend you buy carry bags for the beach flags. Carry bags are not included in the price. We sell the carry bag as an accessory as the cost otherwise would have to be added to the product price and many customers prefer a lower price instead.

To facilitate the process, we ask you to provide a print-ready file, designed according to the template available on each product page. If you can’t create the design for some reason, then we are more than happy to help. If the print is a logotype, then we normally provide a draft for your approval free of charge. If you require more content, then we can offer a Graphic Help Service. For best quality, we request you provide a vector file of your logotype.

Choosing a beach flag

We have three different beach flag models; shark fin, rectangular and teardrop. The shark fin is best for oblong-shaped logotypes and the teardrop is best for more square-shaped logotypes. The rectangular model is usually the best choice when more information than just a logotype is required on the flag. The rectangular flag is straight and somewhat wider than the other models, making it easier to read (for example opening hours, phone numbers, etc.).

The smallest model is suitable for indoor use next to exhibition stands at fairs/events etc., but it can also be used outdoors next to building entries for example.

The medium-sized model is our most popular beach flag for outdoor use. The flag is visible from a long distance away and attracts a lot of attention - perfect for outdoor events.

Our big beach flag is easy to spot from a long distance away. If you wish to have even more exposure, then we have an extra-large model, ideal for situations where you compete for attention in an area.

The flag design

The more simplistic the design, the better. Beach flags are normally spotted from a far distance which is why a simplistic design is preferred. That way, the message can be large in size and more visible. Most commonly, customers choose to only have their logotype printed on the flag. If there is space left on the flag, you can consider adding a phone number, web address or slogan. For oblong logotypes, we recommend they be turned 90 degrees to a standing position. That way, the logotype covers more of the flag surface and becomes clearer. To facilitate reading, standing logotypes are commonly printed with the first letter at the bottom and the last at the top. Likewise, it is better to turn simple text than to type each letter vertically. Square-shaped logotypes can be placed horizontally and then be repeated to have 4-5 logotypes on the beach flag. You can also choose to place a square-shaped logotype at the top and another message or text beneath and thus utilise the whole marketing surface.

The beach flag hem comes in black colour as standard to match up with the black mast. There is an option to change the hem colour to, for example, match it with the background of the flag or to a completely different colour to contrast with the message. Please be aware that the colours will appear different compared to other types of printed materials. The fabric has small perforations making it slightly transparent, meaning its colours may appear somewhat duller compared to those on paper or plastic. When placed against a black background, the colours on the beach flag become very clear, but when positioned on a field with a light background, the colours appear a little paler, which is completely normal.