Backdrop is the given choice when you need a large and cost-effective background. Maybe you are playing music and need a background with the band's logo, or you are going to photograph your staff and need a backdrop in the background. Regardless, we think a backdrop would have been perfect. Easy to hang up if you opt for eyelet rings.

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A backdrop is a given choice when you require a large and cost-effective background. A music group may need a background with the band’s logo, or if you’re taking staff photos you may want to a neutral backdrop. A backdrop is useful in many situations. Easy to install when adding eyelets.


Our backdrops are printed on soft polyester fabric. The fabric is lightweight and flexible. The fabric can be folded and takes up minimal space, which is an advantage compared to a banner, for example.

No stand

Backdrops do not require stands for mounting. Easiest is if you hang it directly on the wall using hooks/mounting points for eyelets. Banner Bungees can be purchased separately for easy and neat mounting of the fabric.

Washing instructions

Our fabrics can be washed, but keep in mind that the coating (a fire rating requirement) can get washed off. We recommend washing in 60 degrees without washing detergent, as we cannot guarantee the fabric is colour resistant to strong detergents.