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Brochure stands are ideal to take with you to trade fairs to display brochures, and when they are not being used at trade fairs, you can have them in the office, at the entrance for example. Brochure stands display your brochures clearly and show that you have something to offer to the customer. All brochure stands are normally available at our local warehouse for immediate delivery.

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Our Brochure Stands

We have chosen to only bring in the models that we know are sought after in the market, but despite this it, can be difficult to know which one to buy. The first four models in the category are among the most prevalent in the market and have a smart design that allows them to be folded during transport. You will certainly be satisfied no matter which one you choose from these, although they have slightly different appearances and are delivered in different packaging.

Brochure Stand Expolinc is available in both single and double-sided, with a choice of a nylon bag or a hard case. It is the only brochure stand in our range that has the option of double-sided exposure, which is perfect if you are going to have it out in the open. The hard case costs extra but makes it easy to take with you and protects it during transport.

Brochure Stand Nät is also collapsible and takes up very little space when not in use. Since the primary part consists of a net, it is also lightweight. This allows you to easily carry several with you without any problems. The brochure stand is also available in two versions, one with four compartments and one with eight compartments.

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