Beach flag feather with pole

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Beach flags have a height that makes them visible from a long distance and the flapping fabric in the wind makes them quickly noticed. This beach flag has the shape of a shark's fin (or like a feather) and is our most popular model. Don't forget to add a ground bracket!

The beach flag's message is sublimated so that the color goes into the material. This means that the message will be visible on both sides, but note that the motif will not be as clear on the back and that it will be mirrored. We recommend using clear contrasts and avoiding light tones for best results.

Approximate total height:
Small: 245 cm
Medium: 285 cm
Large: 400 cm
Extra Large: 525 cm

A beach flag that stands outdoors daily has an estimated shelf life of six months.

Production time

Note that the specified production time is calculated from the checked and approved order.

Graphic material

Please download and use the template to create your print original.

It can be found by scrolling down on the Downloads page. You will need a suitable image program such as Adobe Illustrator to edit the file. If you are unable to do so, please contact us for assistance. You can upload the material here on the product page or in the shopping cart.

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