Grand Fabric

Production time


Grand Fabric is a two-sided system with print on both sides, perfect for open spaces. The exhibition wall is designed by Expand and is of very high quality. The image panels used have stretch properties which allows you to slip on the image panels and get a perfect fit while minimizing folds.

The system takes up little space during transport and is easy to assemble.

The system with many solutions
The Grand Fabric stand is available in many different designs which can be combined with each other. It creates unique opportunities and lots of combinations. There are also a variety of accessories such as TV stands, shelves and tables.

We have posted a suggested combination on the website as a price example, but you are welcome to contact us if you are interested in the wall. We will come up with a quote according to your wishes.

Production time

Note that the specified production time is calculated from the checked and approved order.

Print files Dimensions for wall: 294 x 240 cm, original template available in the section below
Image dimensions for trade show counter (optional): 182,6 x 85 cm.

You can upload the material here on the product page or in the shopping cart.

PDF format is recommended primarily because it is platform-independent.

We recommend that the file has a resolution of 150 DPI to get the highest quality possible.

Read more on the graphic information page.

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