Our environmental work

The environment is important to everyone, and we know that our customers share that view. We therefore make sure that we develop our business while paying attention to the environment and our emissions in order to make as little impact as possible.

In our factory, we can influence the entire production process to ensure that both production and environmental issues work well together. We have a streamlined production flow that can efficiently manufacture large quantities of products with minimal waste. The waste that is left over is divided into plastic, cardboard, combustible and metal. We re-use what is possible and recycle the rest. It is good for the environment and creates a more efficient manufacturing process.

Our goal is to reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Waste paint and other chemicals are collected and handed over for recycling.

We always aim to order large volumes when we bring new material into the warehouse. It reduces the total amount of deliveries and collateral at the same time that requested products are available. When we ship goods to you as a customer, we recycle cartons and pack effectively to reduce the volume of the packages.

Our suppliers offer more and more products that are environmentally friendly, our range is constantly updated so that you as a customer get more and better products to choose from. You as a customer are involved and influence when you make your choice!

We strive towards the following environmental goals:

  • To increase our own knowledge regarding the environment in relation to the printing industry so that we can stay ahead when it comes to new materials, paints and machines.
  • To mainly work with suppliers and partners who have similar environmental awareness.
  • To reduce energy consumption and transport.
  • To reduce our waste.
  • To keep our employees aware of our environmental policy and how we work with it to achieve common goals.

Caring for the environment and employing sustainable production methods are an obvious choice for us at Trycka, if you want to know more about what we stand for and what we do, you are always welcome to contact us on +46 (0)31-721 19 40 or support@printlit.se.