Roll Up Banners

Through its flexibility, great exposure and low price, roll up banners have become the most requested product for fairs and events.

Our roll up banners consist of a rolled-up image that lies inside a cassette. The roll is tensioned so that the image level is stretched and fine when mounted. The roll up comes with a collapsible stick that is placed on the back of the system, then you pull up the image layer and attach it to the top of the stick. It only takes 30 seconds to set up the roll up. A bag is included with all roll ups and all are printed on the same material, it is only the image cassettes and their functions that differ.

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Roller banners

Our range of roller banners cover all needs, regardless of budget and purpose. There is a multitude of models available on the market, many of which are very similar. We have limited the number of models to make things a little easier for our customers. Please contact us if you can’t find a specific roller banner in the range on our website. We will be more than happy to help find what you are looking for.

Besides different price ranges and designs, there are some roller banners with some specific features. For example, different attachments and supports. One of the more popular features is the adjustable height, which is available for Penta, Compact, Rollit, Quick Screen and M2 Black.

Want to swap the image panel?

Roller banner cassettes with image panel swapping features are more advanced and thus more expensive. The cheaper roller banner models do not come with this feature. You should take a look at the following models if image panel swapping is an important feature for you: 4 Screen, Pole System, Classic, Quick Screen and M2 Black.

Image panel swapping is a handy feature if you change your promotional message often. Note, however, that image panel swapping to the more exclusive systems is more expensive than our cheapest roller banners, hence an image swapping feature is not necessarily a cost saver. An option is to buy several roller banners to keep the cost down, which also means you will have more than one rollup at hand for your promotional purposes.

It is also possible to swap the image panel on a model that is not made for that purpose, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have the skills to do so. Please contact us for more information.

Designing a roller banner

Keep in mind that the layout on a roller banner is different from other printed materials. E.g. in designing the layout for an A3 poster, you always try to make use of the whole area. A roller banner, however, is commonly around two metres high, meaning you should pay extra attention to the area at eye level to ensure the message is clearly visible. The prime message shall thus be placed on the upper part of the roller banner.

Roller banners are often used at trade fairs where people hardly ever stop to read all the content. There is too much other information around that compete for people’s attention. Therefore, it’s wise to keep the message as simple, large and clear as possible. Only a logotype or a short bullet point list is often much better than an extended text.

The main purpose of a rollup is usually to catch people’s attention and curiosity, to make them come up to your counter. Once you have their attention, you can use brochures and leaflets for more detailed information.

If you don’t have time, skills or the necessary programs to create a print-ready file, then our staff are happy to assist. Simply add Graphic Help to the shopping cart. At the checkout, after placing the order, you can upload the material (logotype, images etc.) and add a description of how you want it to appear. We will then design a draft of your roller banner, which we mail out as a PDF file for your approval.