Display Magnet Frame

Production time
Image size


The Display Magnet Frame consists of a foot and a frame that are easily separated during transport for a convenient package. After the parts have been put together, the message is easily attached to the frame using magnetic strips. The magnetic strips are already on your accompanying message and are very easy to put there and are therefore an excellent product for you who want to change the image size often.

The scaffolding is manufactured by Expolinc, a Swedish brand that has very high quality. The flexible design makes it suitable for open spaces such as car garages, shops and trade fairs.

Double-sided message is included in the price. If you want different motifs on the front and back, you can upload two different files.

We would like to receive a PDF file according to the measurements below, based on which position you have chosen. Note that the dimensions of the file are not exactly the same height as the stand itself.

Image size
400x1585 mm
400x1785 mm
610x1585 mm
610x1785 mm

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